EZ-SLING™ Small Service Dog Sling Carrier

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Designed for dogs up to 13 pounds

EZ-SLING™ carrier will calm your dog due to its design that creates a snug wrap around the body and includes a removable clip on "SERVICE DOG" tag.

CONVENIENT: Thanks to the hands-free design its incredibly convenient when traveling through an airport or simply shopping in a mall.

SAFE: Our small Service Dog carrier will protect your dog in the heat of the summer when the pavement is dangerously hot and in the winters ice and snow.

SECURE: This carrier holds your small Service Dog easily and features a safety collar hook to ensure your dog is safe and secure.

CARE: This sling should be hand washed and air dried due to the metal attachment ring.

Service Dogs, in general, are meant to be on the ground walking next to their handler. There are few legitimate reasons why a dog should either be in a carrier or be carried. Below is a brief explanation of that exception according to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“Generally a service dog must stay on the floor, or the person must carry the dog. For example, if a person with diabetes has a glucose alert dog, he may carry the dog in a chest pack so it can be close to his face to allow the dog to smell his breath to alert him of a change in glucose levels”

It is fraudulent to represent your dog as a service animal if it is not.